It is our intention to create a program that fosters volunteering and philanthropy within the City of Gloversville.  In order to create a sense of pride, students should be asked to commit to volunteering to strengthen a sense of connection to their hometown.  It is our hope that by offering a 20-hour week of volunteer opportunities during the summer session, students in grades 9-12 for the upcoming school year will see the value and have the foresight to recognize that these hours will be required for certain clubs, scholarships and employment opportunities.  


Recognizing the impact the pandemic has had on our students, GHS has made intense efforts this year to incorporate social-emotional learning into all curriculums.  One of the core tenants of SEL is that this learning does not stop when the students leave the classroom.  Family and community partnerships build bridges between a school and the world students experience outside of school.  We believe that the volunteer project we are proposing will help to begin building those bridges.  


The proposed activities would be scheduled for the 3rd week of July with a pre-sign-up advertised during the last 3 weeks of school.  Information would be sent to the Middle School for incoming Freshmen.

Volunteering Opportunities