Dear Gloversville families,

The deadly school shooting at the Robb Elementary school in Texas today, coming so soon after the Buffalo New York grocery store shooting is incredibly disheartening. While all acts of senseless violence are tragic, the murder of innocent children in a school setting is truly unspeakable.

Please know the safety and well being of your children is our absolute highest priority in Gloversville Enlarged School District. We have an armed Safety Officer with unparalleled law enforcement experience and a School Resource Officer with the Gloversville Police Department working in concert with our administration to ensure we are always vigilant in our commitment to returning students and staff safely to their loved ones each and every day.

We appreciate the trust you put in us to nurture and protect your precious children. We mourn alongside the victims and families of these two recent abhorrent acts against humanity. As a society, we must simply find a way to be better than this.

David Halloran