Sunny Ra from the Tang Museum at Skidmore College held workshops at Boulevard Elementary during each class’ art rotation. Revolving around the artist Deborah Roberts, the students analyzed the piece “Glass Castles”; the kids dissected the piece, talked about their own interpretations of the work, and theorized how and why the artist made the piece. After a group discussion, the kids watched a short interview with the artist where she explained her collage process and inspiration. Focusing on inclusion while also identifying our unique characteristics, Sunny instructed the students to create their own portraits using an array of materials. She brought metallic sharpies, magazines, specialty paper, colored tape, and more. This was a wonderful collaboration between Skidmore and Boulevard and a great opportunity for the students to delve into a contemporary artist while also touching on their social-emotional health. 

Last year Sunny provided over 200 art kits and projects that were given to 5th graders to promote art and creativity in our community. Continuing this mission, she provided more sketchbooks and pencils for this year’s fifth-grade class. We are very grateful for Sunny and Skidmore’s ongoing generosity and inspiration!