Electric bikes (e-bikes) have gained popularity among some scholars in the Gloversville Enlarged School District. However, concerns have arisen due to reckless riding behavior observed on our campuses, including riding on sidewalks, between vehicles, and on our athletic fields, leading to safety risks for children, staff, and visitors, as well as damage to school property. 

In accordance with New York State regulations, only scholars aged 16 or older may ride registered electric bikes on the Gloversville High School campus. Registered bikes must display a visible sticker and be parked in designated areas. Additionally, for safety reasons, e-bikes must be walked on campus, and they are not allowed on our athletic fields and playgrounds. 

If school staff or administration witness or are made aware of violations of these guidelines, the electronic bicycle may be retained by school administration until a parent or guardian is able to retrieve the bike. Parents and guardians are encouraged to discuss these rules and general bicycle safety with their children.

Gas-powered bicycles are not legal. When a gas engine is added to a bicycle, the Gloversville Police Department considers these as “unregistered motorcycles”, which do not have the proper safety equipment to be street legal.

Effective Tuesday, May 28, 2024, electric bikes are prohibited from being ridden anywhere on our campuses at Boulevard Elementary School, Gloversville Middle School, Kingsborough Elementary School, and Park Terrace Elementary School.