🌟 Inspiring Day with SUNY Fulton - Montgomery College's STEP Program!

Yesterday was an absolute delight as Mrs. Johnson and Dr. Young, representing SUNY Fulton - Montgomery College’s Science Technology Entry Program (STEP), paid a visit to Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Miller’s 6th-grade science classes. The atmosphere was charged with curiosity and anticipation as three remarkable scholar participants from the program joined in: Hassan, a skilled 8th grader from GMS; Camella, a bright 7th grader from Johnstown; and Tara, an accomplished 11th grader from Johnstown High School.

Together, they embarked on an engaging activity that left our scholars buzzing with excitement. The highlight of the day? Coding small robots to move! It was a hands-on experience that not only captivated our students but also shed light on the intricate details of the STEP program.

Under the guidance of these enthusiastic mentors, our young learners delved into the world of coding with fervor. With each line of code, they unlocked new possibilities and witnessed firsthand the power of STEM education.

Events like these not only enrich our curriculum but also inspire our students to explore the realms of science and technology with boundless enthusiasm. A huge thank you to Mrs. Johnson, Dr. Young, and the incredible scholar participants for sharing their expertise and passion with us. Here's to fostering the next generation of innovators and problem-solvers!

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