🎉📜 Exciting News Alert! 📜🎉

🎉📜 Exciting News Alert! 📜🎉

We're thrilled to announce that two of our very own scholars from GHS have been crowned champions of this year's Lake Placid Institute of the Arts Young People's Poetry Contest! 🏆✨

Let's give a huge round of applause to Diamond Harris, a talented senior, and Viktorya Knapp, a budding freshman, for their incredible achievement! 🌟 Their poems "Slapping at Mosquitoes" and "Stream of Consciousness" captured the hearts of the esteemed panel of judges, securing their well-deserved victory. 📝💖

As a result, their poetic masterpieces will grace the pages of the prestigious annual publication, Words from the Woods, and shine brightly on the Institute of the Arts' webpage next month! 🌳📚 You can check out their exceptional work at www.lakeplacidinstitute.org.

Let's shower Diamond and Viktorya with congratulatory messages and support as they embark on this exciting journey as published poets! 🎊👏 Your words of encouragement mean the world to them. 🌎✍️

And don't forget to mark your calendars! We can't wait to witness the continued brilliance of our soon-to-be published poets. 🌟📖 #YoungPoets #Congratulations #GHSStars 🌟

[Image: Diamond Harris (left) and Viktorya Knapp proudly holding their certificates from The Lake Placid Institute of the Arts, marking their triumph as the winners of the 2024 Young People's Poetry contest.