Basic School Level Allocations

Certification of Authority and Accuracy

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1. Describe the local methodology/approach used to allocate funds to each school in the district. If schools are allocated funds—either in part or in full—through a formula, outline the nature/mechanics of the formula and the elements impacting each school’s allocation.

The district used enrollment across all schools to allocate costs that were not identified as central district costs. This method seemed to be the most accurate way to apportion costs per the guidelines provided by the State.

Gloversville School District is the lead agency for the state-funded P-tech program that serves students from our BOCES component school districts. These funds were not included in the overall expenditure allocations because the program is not housed in our district and is not directly used to fund district costs. Gloversville is the “pass through” agency for this funding source.

The district is part of a new Foothills P-tech grant (another district is the lead agency) and there are funds allocated to the high school for this program. It is in the first year and costs are for the teachers and principal to learn the PBL model. We are anticipating that this may not be the case in future years as tuition to BOCES will cover these costs.

2. If applicable, is there anything unique about certain schools which explain why per pupil spending at these locations may be significantly higher/lower than the district average?

Not applicable.

3. If applicable, describe any items which the district feels are anomalous in nature and require additional description beyond the Excel entry.

Not applicable.