The Advantage After-School Program is a three-hour program that is open Monday – Friday, directly following the normal dismissal time. The program will NOT operate on early dismissal days, vacation days, snow days, and days of emergency school closings. If the program is canceled on a full session school day due to weather or some other reason, your child will be sent to the location written on the student release form. If your child will not attend the program on a given day, please notify us in advance, send a note or call the school or the Advantage After-School Program office.

The registration packet for the Advantage After-School Program can be downloaded from the MHA website:

The Advantage After-School Program presents a safe, nurturing environment where children have opportunities to participate in activities that enhance and extend academic experiences while providing for positive social and emotional growth and development. The parents, community members, and school district takes ownership of the program and are involved in helping children make better life choices, enhance personal strengths and overcome weaknesses.

Activities include homework or tutoring assistance, recreation activities, enrichment activities, serving learning projects, workshops and aquatic activities.

Questions regarding the Advantage After-School Program may be discussed in person with staff who directly works with your child or the Program Supervisor. Additionally, you may contact the Program Coordinator. The Program Coordinator or designated person in charge is at the program every day. The Mental Health Association Executive Director can be reached at 518­-762-5332.

If you cannot access or are having trouble viewing any information in this format, please contact the district at (518) 775-5702, and a hard copy will be provided, if available.