School Support Services

In addition to special education, the Office of Student Support Services also oversees homebound instruction, home instruction and is the district’s homeless liaison.

Child Find

Child Find, an ongoing effort to identify and evaluate people 21 and younger who are physically, mentally, communicatively and/or emotionally disabled, is in progress within the district. Parents or guardians of children with disabilities between the ages of 3-21 are encouraged to contact the Student Services Department for information about support services that may be available to them. Children must be registered in the district to meet with a representative from the Student Services Office.

Home Instruction

For more specific information, or to begin the process of homeschooling for your child, contact Kimberly Ackerbauer-Ross at 518-775-5796.

Homebound Instruction

Homebound instruction will be provided when deemed necessary to enable a student to keep up with class work during a period of illness or other circumstances that prevent the students’ regular attendance. For more information, contact 518-775-5791.