Grading Policy

Grade Policy

All students are required to take the final evaluation in a course. Failure to take the evaluation in a course will result in course failure and ineligibility to attend summer school. A student who fails both the last marking period and the final evaluation of the course will not pass the course. In an exceptional or extraordinary situation, the building principal may, based upon documentation evaluating the matter, waive this requirement.

A student will not be awarded a unit of credit for a course based solely on passing a Regents examination. There will be no exemption because of class average from any final evaluation. Practice Regents exams may be given in Regents courses during the last quarter of the year.

Calculation of Final Averages

The final average of a course will be calculated as follows:

Full Year Course

First Quarter: 1/5

Second Quarter: 1/5

Third Quarter: 1/5

Fourth Quarter: 1/5

Final Evaluation: 1/5

Half Year Course

First Quarter: 2/5

Second Quarter: 2/5

Final Evaluation: 1/5 (Regents or Local)

Honor Roll/Principal’s List

An unweighted average of 85 is required for the Honor Roll and an unweighted average of 90 is required for the Principal’s List.

In order to be considered for the Honor Roll or Principal’s List, seniors must carry at least five courses, and all other students must carry at least six courses, in addition to Physical Education and have no F’s, D’s, or an incomplete for the quarter.

In order to accurately compute a student’s point average, the following information should be noted: Subjects which meet every day for one period will carry one unit in determining eligibility for the Honor Roll and Principal’s List. Subjects which meet on alternate days will carry 1/2 unit in determining eligibility.

Class Rank: Class rank will be determined using a weighted final grade point average based upon the overall final course average.

The following courses have been designated as honors courses regardless of the grade in which the courses are taken. Your school counselor will discuss courses designated as an honors course.

English: English 9H, 10H, 11H, 12H (University in the High School – SUNYA) and AP, New Visions English 12H

Language: Latin IV & V, Spanish IV & V (University in the High School – SUNYA)

Social Studies: Social Studies 9H, 10H, AP American History, SUPA Economics, SUPA Public Affairs, SUPA Sociology, SUPA Finance (Syracuse University Project Advance), New Visions Honors Economics, New Visions Honors Participation in Government, AP Psychology

Science: Earth Science H, Living Environment H, Chemistry H, Physics H, Authentic Science Research, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics

Mathematics: Pre-Calculus, SUPA Calculus

Art: Advanced Sculpture, Advanced Drawing (University in the High School – SUNYA)

Technology: Project Lead the Way

Seniors will be re-ranked at the end of the third quarter of their Senior year. The valedictorian and salutatorian will be the individuals with the final ranking of one and two, respectively.

Mid-Year Final Exams

A student enrolled in a one semester course or who is repeating a one year course will take a final exam in January. The final grade for the course will be calculated consistent with board of Education Policy for calculation of grades.