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Kingsborough Elementary School

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October 23, 2014

Kingsborough activities

The following is a list of enrichment activities that occur in our building:

After-School Intramural Sports

Offered at various times throughout the year for grade levels 3, 4 and 5 .

After-School Enrichment

Examples are French, music, movement and dance, etc. Notices and sign-ups will be posted and sent home prior to each six week session.

Big Buddies/Little Buddies

A program of sharing between upper grade children and lower grade students. Not all classrooms participate.

Odyssey of the Mind

Teamwork to develop higher-level thinking and problem-solving. This is a competitive activity with other schools in the tri-county area.

Science Fair

Held in the spring, this event is a major occurrence in the school year. For one night, the school is filled with student demonstrations and scientific concepts.

Student Council

A group that learns the basic for organized meetings and deals with projects to benefit the school.

TV Workshop

A wonderful program in which students learn the basics of TV news broadcasting through producing a daily program of AM news announcements. This is broadcast over Channel 20 on cable at 8:35 a.m. each day. Students in this group also visit WRGB each year for a tour of the studio.

Career Day

This annual event held in the spring is a gathering of representatives from the community to speak about and demonstrate various careers for the benefit of the students. A special day schedule is constructed and followed by the students. The event is coordinated by our guidance counselor.


Grades four and five students are eligible to participate in the school chorus program run by the music teacher. The chorus performs at the holiday season in December and the spring, as well as at other school events and occasions.

Field Days

Each June there is a special competitive event held at Park Terrace field and arranged by the physical education department. This field day allows students of grade five district-wide to compete in a wide range of athletic events. There are ribbons and awards given at the end of the event. These are usually presented at promotion.

Fifth Grade Trip

Traditionally, there has been a special trip for fifth graders sometime in June. PTA, the principal, the students and the teachers cooperate in the planning for the trip. Parents are encouraged to attend this farewell trip. It is not an overnight excursion. Details of past trips are available in the school office.

Fulton County Art Show

Each May district students have the opportunity to visit the Fulton County art show where some of the finest examples of local artists' works are displayed alongside a gallery of student work representing every school in the district.


Each year the Kingsborough School students and staff participate in a Halloween Parade. Kindergarten leads the parade and each level is picked up in turn as we pass through the building. Additional information is available in early October.

Holiday Program

Each year during the holiday season in December, the Kingsborough School chorus performs in a holiday concert presented to both the school and parents, relatives, friends, etc. The date of the holiday concert will be announced early in the school year.

Spelling Bee

Each year the school district participates in a spelling bee sponsored for the region by a local newspaper or company. In March, finalists for this spelling bee travel to an elementary school to determine the district winner. This student will proceed to the regional competition. Grades four and five are the focal levels of the spelling bee.


YMCA After-School Care Program - at Kingsborough until 5:30 p.m. The cost is prorated for a family's ability to pay.