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Gloversville Enlarged School District

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August 28, 2015

Teacher pages

Links to websites created by our teachers can be found here.

High School

Christine Armstrong, Science
Jenny Barranco, Spanish
Carla Bengle-Mackey, High School Media
Kate Brown, Science
Deborah Deming, High School Art (Facebook page)
Susanne Fitzgerald, Spanish
Eric Garippa, Science
Jason Harrod, High School Art (Facebook page)
Joanne Hernigle, Special Education
John Ivancic, Technology
Mary Kovalovich, GHS Resource Room
Michael Lambert, English
Len Martin, Social Studies
Andrea McLaughlin, Science
Christopher Murphy, Science
Joe Nares, Technology
Jessica Northan, Social Studies
Kim Pepper, Resource/Consultant Teacher 
David Rogers, Social Studies
John Savage, Instrumental Music Department
Mark Schneider, Social Studies
Alison Siragusa, Science
Elaine Solan, Science
Andrea Warner, Special Education
David Wilder, Technology 
Speech Department

Middle School:

6th Grade

Ed Collar, 6th Grade Social Studies
Janice DeFino-Jost, ELA
Richard Douglas, 6th Grade Science
Jennifer Flynn, 6th Grade ELA
Traci Grant, 6th Grade ELA/Math Resource
Tricia Javarone, 6th Grade ELA/Math
Matt Richardson, 6-8 Life Skills
Mrs. Zavadil, 6th Grade Reading

7th Grade

Rob Garren, 7th Grade Social Studies
Marcia Gillis, 7th and 8th Grade Social Studies 
Angie Lauria 7th Grade math
Liz McGregor, 7th Grade ELA
Steven Pratt, 7th and 8th Grade Science
Clint Wagner, 7th Grade Social Studies
Explorer Team Home Page

8th Grade

Trisha Bobowski, 8th Grade Science
Meredith Fancher, 8th Grade Special Education
John Ferrie, 8th Grade Science
Marcia Gillis, 7th and 8th Grade Social Studies
Maria Hallenbeck-Brown, 8th Grade Math
Trini Hernandez, 8th Grade Spanish
Greg Heroth, 8th Grade Science
Fran LeFever, 8th Grade ELA

Other Middle School:

Jesse Guyer and Lori Schwartzmier Business Department
Julie Devine, Family and Consumer Sciences (Home & Careers)
Megan Hallenbeck, Library Media Specialist
Mike Harrington, Physical Education (Sea Dragons Swimming and Diving)
Lorine Heroth, Nurse  

Marissa Izykowski, Music (band director)
Kari Laubscher, Visual Arts
Elizabeth Sterling, Music
Home and Careers Recipes
Speech Department

Boulevard Elementary School:

Parent Teacher Association (PTA) page
Lisa Beerle, Art
Jane Cornell, Pre-K
Bobbie Countryman, Fourth Grade
Elizabeth DeRosa, AIS Reading (K-5)
Maribeth Greer, AIS Reading (K-5)
Karen Grich, Pre-Kindergarten, Parent Coordinator
Sue Grossi, Counseling Services
Vicki Ingalls, AIS Reading (K-5)
Aric Kucel, Physical Education
Kathy Lesiuk, First Grade
Kim Miller, Fifth Grade
Nicole Naselli, Second Grade
Anne Niles, Fourth Grade
Donna Santangelo, Kindergarten
Debbie Salvatore, Pre-K
Deborah Pratt, Third Grade
Catherine Stearns, Fourth Grade
Carrie Sweeney, Second Grade
Chrisandra Symonds, Special Education (Grades 2-3)
Sandra VanPelt, Third Grade
Carrie Watrobski, Kindergarten
K-5 Speech and Language, Holly Walrath
Speech Department

Kingsborough Elementary School:

Colleen Furlong, Fourth Grade
Josh Herod, Physical Education
Brett King, Fourth Grade
Theresa Kovian, Speech and Language Pathologist
Jenna Palmieri, Fifth Grade
Mrs. Salvatore/Mrs. Pettit, Pre-K
Deborah Steinbach, Second Grade
Kingsborough Library
Speech Department

McNab/Meco Elementary Schools:

Erin Fioretti, Third Grade 
Sarah Looman, Kindergarten
Megan Hulslander, K-1 AIS Reading
Betsy McGregor, Kindergarten
Elyssa Carson, Art
Speech Department

Park Terrace Elementary School:

Nancy Brown and Kate Yvars, Fifth Grade
Lesleigh Durfee, Kindergarten (Facebook page)
Kara Joyce, Art (Facebook page)
Speech Department