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Gloversville Enlarged School District

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August 21, 2014


Posted 1/6/14

District officials react to Twitter post

School officials say they are taking seriously an incident in which a Gloversville High School student reacted negatively to a “Music Monday” selection played between classes on the loudspeaker and then posted a potential threat to the school on Twitter.

“We understand that sometimes students may say things they don’t mean, but we have to take all potential threats seriously and fully investigate them,” Superintendent Michael Vanyo said.

GHS Principal Richard DeMallie was alerted to the student’s Twitter post Monday and immediately contacted the Gloversville Police Department. Vanyo said the district is working with the police department as it investigates the incident. The student faces disciplinary action for violation of school district policy.

Vanyo said the district continues to be proactive in its approach to the incident. “We are going to have police officers meet with all high school students this week to explain the consequences that can occur if you make a threat against the school,” he said.

He also suggested parents should speak with their children about the dangers of posting what could be interpreted as threats on social media platforms.

“It is never acceptable to even joke about threatening the school,” Vanyo said.