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Gloversville Enlarged School District

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February 9, 2016

A to z

Need to find a topic quickly? Can't find information you are looking for? Below is an alphabetical listing of pages and subjects in this Web site.


ACT Testing Dates
Activities, High School
Activities, Kingsborough Elementary School
Activities, McNab Elementary School
Activities, Middle School
Administrative Budget Component (definition)
Alma Mater
Alumni Directory 
Application for Employment
Application for Increase in Salary for Additional Professional Training (form, staff only)


Board of Education, meeting dates
Board of Education, members
Board of Education, public comment
Bond (definition)
Boulevard Elementary School
Boulevard Elementary School, Teacher Web sites
Budget (definition)
Budget calendar (definition)
Budget cap (definition)
Budget Terms, Glossary
Buildings and Grounds
Building Procedures, Kingsborough Elementary School
Building Procedures, McNab Elementary School
Building Procedures, Meco Elementary School
Bus Routes
Business Office
Business Manager


Cafeteria menus
Capital Budget Component (definition)
Capital outlay (definition)
Capital Project
Career/Counseling Center, High School
Central Administration
Civil Service Application
Claim Form (staff only)
Coaching Roster
Code of Conduct for Network Services and Internet Safety Policy
Committee on Special Education
Consumer Price Index (definition)
Contact Us
Contact, Boulevard Elementary School
Contact, High School
Contact, Kingsborough Elementary School
Contact, McNab Elementary School
Contact, Meco Elementary School
Contact, Middle School
Contact, Park Terrace Elementary School
Contingent budget (definition)
Counseling Services, Boulevard Elementary School
Counseling Services, McNab Elementary
Counseling Services, Meco Elementary
Counseling Services, Gloversville Middle School


Department Chairpersons
Directions to Foothills schools
Directions, Boulevard Elementary School
Directions, High School
Directions, Kingsborough Elementary School
Directions, McNab Elementary School
Directions, Meco Elementary School
Directions, Middle School
Directions, Park Terrace Elementary School
Discipline Plan, McNab Elementary School
Discipline Plan, Meco Elementary School


Employee benefits (definition)
Equalization rate (definition)
Expenditure (definition)
Extracurricular Eligibility Policy


Fiscal Year (definition)
The Freedom of Information Act (Federal FOIA Web page)
Food Service
Functional Behavioral Assessment and Behavior Intervention Plan Procedures
Fund Balance (definition)
Fundamental Operating Budget (definition)


General Safety Tips, Transportation
GESD e-mail
Grading, High School 
Guidance/Counseling, Park Terrace Elementary School


High School
High School Grading Policy and Requirements
High School Library
High School, Teacher Web sites
Homework Guidelines, Boulevard Elementary School
Homebound Instruction/ home tutoring
Homeless Students


Immunization Requirements
Inservice Credit (form, staff only)
Internal Request for Purchase (form, staff only)


Job Openings


Kingsborough Elementary School
Kingsborough Elementary School Library
Kingsborough, Teacher Web pages


Library, High School
Library, Kingsborough
Library, McNab/Meco
Library, Middle School
Library, Park Terrace


Marking Periods
McNab Elementary School
McNab/Meco, Teacher Web pages
Meal Prices
Meco Elementary School
Menu, Boulevard Elementary School
Menu, High School
Menu, Kingsborough Elementary School
Menu, McNab Elementary School
Menu, Meco Elementary School
Menu, Middle School
Menu, Park Terrace Elementary School
Middle School
Middle School Homework Policy
Middle School, Teacher Web pages


New Student Form (registration)
New York State Report Cards 
Notice to previous school for release of educational records to enroll in school (registration)


Operations and Facilities


Parent Spot
Parent Today e-newsletter, website
Park Terrace Elementary School
Park Terrace, Teacher Web pages 
Policies, Boulevard Elementary School
Policies, High School
Policies, Kingsborough Elementary School
Policies, Middle School
Policies, Park Terrace Elementary School
Program Budget Component (definition)



Regents Testing Dates
Registration Check List
Registration Forms
Request for Conference, Workshop, Visiting or Personal Day (form, staff only)
Request for In-District Transfer
Request for Student Attendance on Out-of District Basis
Requirements, High School
Revenue (definition)
Role of School Bus Drivers, Transportation
Role of the School District District, Transportation


Salaries (definition)
SAT Testing Dates
School Hours (elementary)
School Hours (high school)
School Hours (middle school)
Special education
Special education administrative office information and staff
Special education curriculum alignment
Spectator Code of Ethics
Special Class Strands and Progression by General Area of Disability
Sports and Health
STAR (definition)
State Exams
Student Behavior, Park Terrace Elementary School
Student Behavior, Transportation
Student Support Services  
Support services (definition)
Supplies (definition)


Tax base (definition)
Tax levy (definition)
Tax rate (definition)
Tax rates (2014-15)
Teacher Web sites
Technology Plan, district-wide
Textbook Request Form (staff only)
Three-part budget (definition)
Tips for Parents, Transportation
Transportation Department
Transportation Permission Form (registration)
Travel Request for Conference, Workshop, or Visitation Day (form, staff only)



Voter Information
Voter Registration Form